Why become involved?

  • Use your experience to make a difference: Each and every person living with hepatitis C has a unique experience. Whether you have a story of an excellent service you wish to share with others or you think more should be done in a certain area to improve experiences of others. It is only by listening, learning from each other and joining our voices together that we can affect real change and ensure equality for all.
  • Meet people from across England: You will get the opportunity to meet other people living with or affected by hepatitis C, sharing your experiences with others and by learning from others you will be able to identify and advocate for best practice on both a local and national level.
  • Raising issues for discussion: You will be able to raise issues raised by other group members for discussion. There will be clear channels for sharing information. You will be able to contribute to the direction of the learning and changes that the Hepatitis C National Patient Council will seek to influence.
  • Training and learning opportunities: We will provide training and other opportunities so patient council members have the most up to date information. We will also provide additional training for those wishing to be patient representatives on professional groups including ODN’s.
  • Expenses and support: We want everyone to have an opportunity to become involved. We will provide out of pocket expenses and if you encounter any barriers to becoming involved we will do what we can to remove these.

How to become involved

Please contact Rachel Halford 020 7089 6207 or on Rachel.Halford@hepctrust.org.uk