Hepatitis Voices

Hepatitis Voices aims to be a network of groups of people living and affected by Hepatitis B or C who come together locally and nationally to have a say in decisions that affect them.

We understand that different people will want to be involved at different levels.  We aim to create a network of groups of the following:

  • Service Groups – People who use the same service.
  • Local Groups – People who live in the same area.
  • Community Groups – People who belong to the same community of interest.
  • National Group – Representatives of the above groups to come together in one large group.
  • Patient Representatives – People who attend one or more of the above groups and sits on professional groups to share the patient perspective.

Who facilitates Hepatitis Voices?

Hepatitis Scotland and The Hepatitis C Trust work together with people living with Hepatitis B or C to ensure the different groups run, people are informed and provide training to all members.