Membership Information

When you become a member of Hepatitis Voices we ask that you:

Use your life and local experience to inform policy and practice;

  1. Attend the right groups for you,
  2. Contribute to discussions,
  3. Raise issues and help identify problems, gaps and barriers,
  4. Help to address issues by problem solving and sharing ideas.

Attend training and be open to opportunities;

  1. Our members should be up to date with information,
  2. Represent both your own views and the views of others,
  3. Keep in contact with group organisers.

Be professional and respectful of others;

  1. Hepatitis Voices consists of members who have varied life experiences and each members experience is as valid as others,
  2. No one will be discriminated against based on transmission route, sexuality, gender identity, religion, race, drug use or any other identity/characteristic,
  3. Some issues may evoke emotions.  We ask that all members contribute in calm and professional discussions.  Support will be given for this.

Take on other roles and responsibilities;

  1. There will be opportunities for some members to take on additional roles and responsibilities.  These can include; facilitating a group; writing up notes on discussions; organising and informing members of groups.
  2. Opportunities will be made available to all, and those that wish to take on more responsibility will apply.  Training will be provided.