National Patient Forum

The aim of the National Hepatitis Forum is to:

  • Give people diagnosed with hepatitis a voice.
  • Become more informed in how hepatitis is managed and any upcoming opportunities, developments or events.
  • Influence the planning of services for people diagnosed with hepatitis.
  • Offer a patient perspective to the planning, development and review of services.
  • Develop effective communication with both people living with hepatitis, and with the working groups in Scotland.


Members of the group must:

  • Live in Scotland.
  • Have had a diagnosis of hepatitis.
  • Able to participate in meetings.
  • Able to respect other peoples’ opinions.
  • Not be under the influence when attending meetings, or representing the forum.

Options for Membership:

  1. Individual Forum Member: Attend the forum and contribute to forum topics.
  2. Patient Rep Forum Member: In addition to attending the forum, some people may wish to be involved with other groups to represent the patient voice.  Such groups may be Managed Care Networks, Sub Groups, Government Groups, ADP Groups, third sector groups.

After the training, you would be able to select from a range of options, as to the level you want to be involved in.  Without passing on any of your details, we can inform MCNs and other working groups that we have trained patient reps available in the area and can facilitate your attendance at these meetings.