Patient Activist Toolkit

The Patient Activist Toolkit is a guide to campaigning with us to help make tackling hepatitis C a priority in England over the coming years. As someone with hepatitis C, or as someone who has a family member with hepatitis C or who works with people with hepatitis C, your voice is powerful.

By using your experiences, knolwedge and unique view, you can make MPs, local councillors and others aware of the impact of hepatitis C, and the need to take further action to eliminate the virus in England. The louder our voice, the more chance we have of successfuly improving services, obtaining wider access to new treatments, and eliminating hepatitis C as a serious public health concern.

Influencing public officials isn’t just something you can do before elections – you can do it any time, and it’s crucial we keep up the pressure. In fact, your MP or councillor may be more receptive to taking time to really understand the issues when they’re not in the middle of a campaign. 

The Patient Activist Toolkit explains what actions we would like to see from MPs and councillors and the various ways you can take action.

Don't wait around for others; be part of the change you wish to see!