Share your story

Why be a case study?

Raising awareness of hepatitis C is absolutely vital and the best way to reach large groups of a variety of people is through the media.

Most people who have hepatitis C in the UK are still undiagnosed and unfortunately many of those will be people who had blood transfusions or injected drugs decades ago and are not even aware that they have been at risk. 

It is absolutely essential we all do whatever we can to find them, as the longer someone has hepatitis C the more serious and devastating the health consequences will be for them.

And now, with new life saving tablet only treatments that are over 97% successful, it can be easily cured within a few months.  Hearing someone's personal story will resonate with others and get them thinking about themselves and those close to them.

Stories in the media are also without question the most effective way to get these messages across to other media, policymakers, politicians, healthcare professionals and others.        

Sharing your personal experience of having hepatitis C can help us to raise this much-needed awareness. Often journalists will ask us for a case study to accompany an article about new statistics or research because a personal testimony helps bring a news story to life.

Some people choose to share their story because they want to warn other people of the different routes of transmission. Other people may be motivated to do it after successfully completing treatment.

Many people who have shared their story said they felt a lot of satisfaction from being able to help raise awareness.

What would I be required to do?

Initially we would call to talk to you and find out more about your situation and how you would like to help. 

Everyone’s story is different and some may be more useful to the media than others.

At present there is particularly a lot of interest in speaking to those who received infected blood transfusions as a result of the ongoing Infected Blood Inquiry.  However, it is always useful to have a wide range of experience from people with other routes of transmission as well.

If you would like to take part in the first instance we would ask that you email a brief overview of your experience to us and we would then follow up with you to find out more.

We will talk to you about your case and your story can then be written up in a format that is useful to journalists.  We will ensure you are happy with it before we pass it on to them.  Once this is agreed, we will keep your details on file until asked by the media for a case study that best fits your story. In some cases this may be just a matter of weeks but it may be longer depending on what angles journalists are interested in at the time.  At the same time we will be actively trying to ‘pitch’ your story to the media, although whether it is used or not may depend on many different things.

Because of this, we will always check with you again before passing on your contact details to journalists, in case your circumstances have changed at all.

What if I change my mind?

This is an important question because you do need to feel comfortable about the potential implications to do this.

You need to be aware that any press you agree to do could be local, national or even international and once it is in the public domain there is very little you can do if you then change your mind.

If you have initially agreed to do this and then you change your mind, you can always ask us to withdraw your story.  However, once you have spoken to a journalist (or given us your permission to do this on your behalf), it may be that the article will have been published and cannot then be changed or withdrawn.

You should also be aware that most news will also published on the internet, meaning for example that a “Google” search of your name could easily reveal this information.   Therefore it is important that you only consider speaking to the media, if you are completely happy about any friends, family, employers, or others knowing about your situation.

If you would like to help us by sharing your experience please email us a brief synopsis of your story to and we will follow up with you directly.