What is NOhep?

NOhep is a global movement aimed at uniting people from across the world to take action, to speak out and be engaged to ensure viral hepatitis is eliminated by 2030. In addition, NOhep provides a platform for the hepatitis community to share resources and materials so that actions can be taken to eliminate viral hepatitis at all levels.

What are NOhep’s objectives?

The fundamental objective of NOhep is to build awareness of viral hepatitis and the crucial role people can play, in their own lives, at more structural levels and in their communities, to help eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. 


NOhep unifies the hepatitis community. It connects people across the world who want to take action to ensure a global killer is eliminated. It also acts as an accountability and advocacy tool, ensuring governments take the necessary measures to meet the targets outlined in the WHO’s Viral Hepatitis Strategy. It inspires people and tells powerful stories of the achievements of people living with viral hepatitis and it mobilises people to campaign for a world where people have access to life saving interventions and do not suffer discrimination.

Why NOhep?

In 2015, the hepatitis community convened at the World Hepatitis Summit where they called for a global movement to eliminate viral hepatitis. A movement which would elevate awareness of viral hepatitis and unify people to take action.

NOhep also came about because for the first time, the elimination of viral hepatitis is achievable given the availability of vaccines for hepatitis A, B and E, effective treatments for hepatitis A and B and a cure for hepatitis C.

Adding to this, there has been an upsurge in political commitment towards hepatitis. In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (target 3.3) included a reference to combat hepatitis by 2030, signalling for the first time hepatitis being seen a global development priority. Following this, in 2016 the World Health Organization’s first ever Global Hepatitis Strategy was adopted by 194 Member States. The strategy includes a number of targets and a goal of eliminating viral hepatitis by 2030.

Yet, more needs to be done. As of early 2020, only five countries are on track to eliminate hepatitis C. NOhep will acts as an accountability and advocacy tool, ensuring governments take the necessary steps needed to meet the targets outlined and the goal of elimination.

Will world leaders listen?

Only if we're loud enough.
If we can raise awareness of viral hepatitis, that mere fact will exert some real pressure on negotiators. We need people to understand that achieving the elimination of viral hepatitis means either success or failure for universal health coverage. It's not an easy fight but we think the voice of people will be heard, if it's loud enough. That's all of our job—to make enough noise that we can't be easily ignored.

Why is NOhep necessary?

Every year 1.4 million die globally from viral hepatitis. Less than 1% receive treatment and only 10% are aware of their condition. Every day people are being denied the chance of a healthy future despite effective interventions existing, they are being denied jobs, academic opportunities and in some case the chance to get married. This is not good enough. NOhep and its supporters unite with a common voice and a common goal to end these abuses by eliminating viral hepatitis. 

How can I become a NOhep supporter?

Go to the NOhep website and you can:
•    Sign up: Go to this page and sign up by simply entering your contact information. Once you sign up, you will receive up to date information on our campaigns around the world and be able to take immediate action. You can unsubscribe at any time.

•    Share your content: We are always on the lookout for fresh content to upload on the website to share with our supporters. If you want to do this email
•    Become a NOheptivist: NOheptivists are NOhep’s most committed members and the foundation of all that we do. They are taking action all over the world at this moment to eliminate viral hepatitis. You can find out how to join this brigade of everyday heroes at

•    Don't forget to use the hashtag #NOhep: On social platforms and materials, use the #NOhep when discussing hepatitis. You can also follow NOhep on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

By taking any of these steps, you become a NOhep supporter and will get updates on all future activities where your voice can make a difference to the lives of 7.1 million by 2030.