Midlands Prison Peer Team

The Midlands prison team began in March 2019 as part of the national Prison Peer2Peer expansion. The team delivers the Peer2Peer service across 25 prisons.

The Team is divided as follows:

East Midlands; HMP Dovegate, HMP Gartree, HMP Lincoln, HMP Lowdhan Grange, HMP North Sea Camp, HMP Nottingham, HMP Ranby, HMP Sudbury, HMP Leicester, HMP Whatton, HMP Stocken, and Morten Hall IRC.

West Midlands; HMP Birmingham, HMP Brinsford, HMP Featherstone, HMP Hewell, HMP Long Lartin, HMP Oakwood, HMP Onley, HMP Stafford, HMP Stoke Heath, HMP Swinfen Hall, HMP Werrington, HMP Rye Hill, HMP Woodhill, and Rainsbrook STC.

As the Team ended 2019, they had delivered training in 23 out of the 25 prisons. They have trained a total of 10 peers in just 9 months while also supporting prison testing.

4 of the 25 prisons have achieved micro-elimination. This has been achieved by the excellent healthcare teams in HMP North Sea Camp and IRC Morton Hall along with HMP Stafford and HMP Swinfen Hall engaging with HCT's HITT Team.


Northern Regional Prison Lead – Colin Lawton

Prison Peer Coordinator – Garry Henry

Prison Peer Educator – Neil Batten