South East Prison Peer Team

The team was formed in March 2019 and cover 16 prisons in the South-East of England. The prisons are HMP Bedford, HMP Bure, HMP Chelmsford, HMP Coldingly, HMP Elmley, HMP Highpoint, HMP Hollesley Bay, HMP Lewes, HMP Littlehey, HMP Maidstone, HMP Norwich, HMP Rochester, HMP Stanford Hill, HMP The Mount, HMP Warren Hill and HMP Wayland.

As the first year comes to an end, the team have spoken to 804 individuals, while referring 305 referred for BBV testing.  A total of 268 tested have been confirmed as tested.

The Team is as below:

Director of Prison Services – Sean Cox

Prison Peer Coordinator – Caragh Arthur

Prison Peer Educator – Daren Claxton