South West Prison Peer Team

The team was set up in March 2019 and cover the South-West Region of England which consists of 15 prisons; HMP Dartmoor, HMP Exeter, HMP Bristol, HMP Guys Marsh, HMP Erlestoke, HMP Ashfield, HMP Channings Wood, HMP Portland, HMP The Verne and Leyhill,  HMP IOW (Parkhurst and Albany) HMP Winchester, HMP Lewes and HMP Ford. Some of these prisons are geographically in the South-East region but as they are covered by the same ODN, it made sense to be consistent and build on the good working relationship with the South-West Team.

As the team end their first year, they had delivered Hepatitis Awareness Training(HAT) to 465 staff members and 131 prisoners. They also had delivered their personal life story within the P2P workshop to 287 prisoners. The team had reached 595 prisoners via Outreach and have referred 447 prisoners for a BBV test.

The Team is as below:

Director of Prison Services – Sean Cox

Prison Peer Coordinator – Lee Devereux

Prison Peer Educator – Simon Edwards