I Am - A magazine for the Women’s prison estate

A magazine for the women's prison estate was first thought of about a year ago but has now become a reality due to the extra time available to the team throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

The team wanted to create something that reminded the women that they were more than their hepatitis C diagnosis; we can be many different things and none of them have to define us. The team have really enjoyed exploring this idea and have poured a lot of themselves into the design.

Jane, Our Women’s Prison Peer Educator and Probation Lead describes the therapeutic and empowering process of creating I Am.

‘I started doodling and came up with the profile of the woman's face with the words ‘I am’ coming out of the head. This is the starting place and everything happened organically from there.’

It became apparent really quickly that I could write short conflicting sentences about who I was without having to explain any of them. I found it really empowering and thought that I would love to be able to give this to the women.’

‘As a woman who has had hep C and spent time in jail I'm very aware of the stigma that surrounds the virus. This can prevent people from coming forward to get treatment. My hope is that this magazine will help to counteract that. We can't just educate the women that have hep C, we need to educate the whole community so that it becomes an environment that can be supportive to everyone around this issue.’