The Hepatitis C Trust offers specifically tailored, professional training in all areas of hepatitis C, including a range of accredited packages. It is aimed at anyone working in an environment where blood borne viruses may be an issue, or for any staff who are undertaking dry blood spot or oral swab testing, harm reduction interventions and pre and post test discussions.

Our training is effective and innovative and uses the most up to date information and the latest research.
A range of substance use workers, health and social care professionals nationwide have benefited from our professional and effective training. The information is presented in a clear and easy to understand format and caters for staff at all levels and in all environments.

We ensure that we discuss your training needs in detail and can bespoke our courses to suit you. This is not ‘training in a box’, but an appropriate and very effective learning intervention, which has been delivered with great results to drug and alcohol centres, pharmacies, custody suites, prisons and support groups.

We will come to you and deliver the course on your premises (if appropriate) or at a location convenient to your staff.

Drug workers in the UK are often the first and only point of care for people affected by substance misuse. The level of trust that is built up between the worker and the service user provides the best opportunity to deliver healthcare messages. It is therefore essential that staff at drug services have a good understanding of hepatitis C. Testing uptake is hugely dependent on the skills, knowledge and confidence of the staff offering the test. Staff confidence in this area also generates a greater adherence by service users to ongoing care referral pathways.


The Trust provide a range of workforce development training packages to nationwide community service providers. Ultimately staff should be:


·         Knowledgeable about safer practice


·         Confident in discussing and offering hepatitis C testing


·         Knowledgeable about the referral process


·         Knowledgeable about local integrated care pathways to support


·         Knowledgeable about the new treatment for hepatitis C

For more information email or call 020 7089 6220.