Useful links

Action on Addiction
Tel: 0300 330 0659
A registered charity with treatment centres throughout England, a specialist family service, innovative research programmes and expert training centre.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Tel: Freephone 0800 9177 650
12 step fellowship with meetings held all over the country.

Cocaine Anonymous
Tel: (Free from landlines only) 0800 612 0225
12 step fellowship

Tel: 0300 123 1110
Free confidential national helpline that also provides information and advice relating to alcohol issues.

Narcotics Anonymous UK (NA)
Tel: 0300 999 1212
12 step fellowship with meetings held all over the country.

National Drugs Helpine (FRANK)
Tel: 0300 123 6600
For confidential information, advice and counselling.  They can also provide information about local services.

NHS Smoking Helpline
0300 123 1044
Advice for people wanting to give up smoking.

Tel: 020 7324 2989
Free, specialist legal support and advice for drug users.

Tel: Freephone Number 116 123
A charitable organisation that runs a 24 hour helpline. Volunteers are trained to listen, rather than give advice or information, and there are times when being listened to - and heard - is the best kind of support possible. Although often thought of as the kind of support one goes to in a crisis, people can and do call regularly when going through a hard time.

Turning Point
A social care organisation offering support in the areas of drugs, alcohol and mental health. They have over 100 centres across UK. (Not a 12 step programme)